Hill day in the Peak District with a gritstone edge and a hillside gently sloping down in the foreground with softly lit fields in the distance.
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5 Picturesque Towns and Villages in the Peak District

The Peak District National Park is known for its vast expanses of moorland and iconic gritstone edges. However, it also has a number of charming little towns and villages well worth the visit. Have you visited all of these picturesque places already? Read on for ideas for your next visit to the Peak District.

1. Glossop

The old mill town of Glossop has become an up-and-coming centre for pubs and restaurants. Sitting on the western edge of the Peak District, it is easy to access from Machester or Leeds. It is also well served by trains and buses for hassle-free trips on public transport. The hidden nooks, picturesque little streets, and traditional pubs of Old Glossop are especially worth exploring!

2. Hathersage

Hathersage is the outdoor capital of the Peak District. With excellent shops catering for outdoor activities, it sits directly below the iconic gritstone expanse of Stanage Edge. Hathersage is surrounded by lovely countryside with excellent walks. But the village itself is worth a stop too for its cafes and friendly atmosphere.

3. Edale

A visit to the Peaks would not be complete without a stop in Edale. Most people come here to spend a day on the iconic walking trails of Kinder Scout. Followed by a relaxing meal by the fire in one of Edale’s many excellent pubs. But, the little village itself is worth exploring too for its charming little shops and countryside idyllic.

4. Bakewell

Made famous by its association with the delicious Bakewell tarts, this little town is one of the Peak District’s most picturesque (and most visited!). Full of charming little cottages, old architecture, and lovely green spaces, Bakewell is an excellent choice for a family trip. As it is located on the banks of the calmly flowing river Wye, it is especially pleasant for summer day trips.

5. Castleton

Castleton is unsurprisingly known for its castle ruins! But it also the starting point for many Peak Districts most popular walks. The village itself offers many gift and craft shops worth exploring, as well as a superb selection of pubs and cafes. Visiting the caverns near Castleton are also an excellent family activity, which the kids love!

Looking for more tips for your next visit to the Peak District?

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