About Me

Contemplating the map on my Mountain Leader Training Course

Hello! I’m Ina and I’m a climber, mountaineer and runner. I camp, hike, cycle, canoe and swim. If you can do it outdoors – it’s likely that I’ve at least given it a go. After years of dedicating myself to an academic career and never being quite happy with what my life looked like; I’m now a freelance writer, outdoor blogger, adventurer and an aspiring Mountain Leader. Through Hill Days I invite you to follow along on my personal adventures from the sea to the summits.

The purpose of Hill Days

Adventures, time spent outdoors and being immersed in nature are great for our wellbeing. But for many people, it is not always easy to get into the outdoors and there can be a lot to learn initially. As an outdoor blogger, I want to write advice articles, gear reviews and route recommendations to inspire your days out. Are you interested to learn more about the outdoors? Do you enjoy seeing photographs from some the most remote and beautiful places in the UK? Read more about my adventures, personal thoughts and days out in the mountains and other wild spaces of the UK in My Hill Days. For advice and recommendations, from my favourite trail runs in the Peak District to beginner friendly munros in Scotland, have a look at my articles and route recommendations here.

Why I love spending time in the outdoors

I grew up running wild in the forests of Finland. Swimming in the crystal clear lakes all through the summer and playing in the snow and ice in winter. For as long as I remember, I have been in love with nature. And when I moved to the UK, I fell in love all over again; this time with the mountains and the sea. I spent years living in Scotland and exploring its most remote mountains and glens. And I learned to rock climb to access the most unlikely places imaginable. I found the picturesque little towns of the Lake District nestled into the lovely rolling fells. And I made it to the rugged ridges of Snowdonia. Right now I live in a little stone cottage on the edge of the Peak District with my partner. Here I have temporarily swapped munros for moors and mountain crags for gritstone edges.

I hope to see you out there! If you would like to know more about working with me or contact me for any other reason, I would love to hear from you. You can also follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for more outdoor adventures.