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How to Fit Everyday Adventures into Your Life

Life has taken a weird turn for a lot of us in the last year. I have found myself re-evaluating the important things in my life. And changing the direction where I am traveling in terms of my career and goals. There has been awfully lot of uncertainty and hesitance. And a few tears here and there. I can’t say I have sussed it all out yet. But I think I have accepted the uncertainty better. The fact that it’s okay to not be sure about things all the time. Instead, I have taken more time to do the things I love. And most of the time that means going out and having adventures. I go rock-climbing, trail running and walking in the nature every week. Every few weeks I go hillwalking, munrobagging or long-distance hiking. This often involves some camping too – sometimes at cozy little campsites and sometimes wild camping. I have become good at just going and getting outside. Even when it feels like I’m too busy, or tired, or lack the motivation to do so. And although leaving is sometimes hard, I never regret it. Here is my advice on how you too can fit more everyday adventures into your life.

Ways to make it easier to leave the house for everyday adventures

    1. Plan ahead of time. Plan adventures beforehand; I write a plan for the week ahead on Sunday and include the things I’d like to do that week. Writing things down to a planner or a calendar creates accountability and makes it easier to stick to your plans.
    2. Pack a rucksack ready to go in the morning. Even if you have planned to have an adventure in the afternoon or evening, pack your things ready to go in the morning (or the previous evening). Have your bag waiting for you by the door. This makes it easier to leave when it is time – but also creates a nice feeling of anticipation during the day.
    3. Batch cook / cook extra the previous day. Not directly related to adventuring, but having the time to cook nutritious meals AND have an adventure doesn’t always work. Too often I have ended up buying fish & chips or pizzas as an emergency meal when I come back home late in the evening and exhausted after a day out. Now I try to make sure I have food waiting in the house that I can just warm up when I get back.
    4. Go in the morning. If you have the possibility to decide on your own schedule, go on adventures in the morning. You are likely to have more energy and motivation if you head out earlier in the day. This is not something that is always possible, but is worth pursuing when the chance presents itself.
    5. Go with someone else. Another way to increase accountability and make it easier to stick to your plans is to buddy up with someone else. Having company can motivate you, make it harder to cancel your plans (even if you are tired), and make your time outdoors more fun!

Ways to fit more everyday adventures into your life

  1. Go on micro-adventures. Everyday adventures don’t need to be time consuming or epic in proportions. Explore nearby footpaths, country parks or coastal paths. Set up a tent or a hammock in your garden or on your balcony for a night outside. Go foraging for food or gathering pretty things for arts and crafts. Sign up for a day course to learn a new skill, like navigation or picking mushrooms or weaving baskets.
  2. Reconsider the priorities in your life. If you want to do more adventures, is there something else that could wait? Does that laundry have to be done today? Or can you cut from the time spent on social media or watching TV, and fit in a little trail run instead? Could you maybe get up early and have a quick couple of hours outdoors before getting on with your day?
  3. Can you connect some of your everyday tasks with adventures? Can your commute, dog walk or family time become a mini-adventure? Don’t be afraid of taking children outdoors with you – they are more resilient, more adaptive and more outdoor spirited than you think. Equally, don’t feel bad about spending your me-time on solo adventures.

Ways to find more inspiration for everyday adventures

  1. Read more about other people’s adventures. I love reading and some of my favourite books to curl up with are about people running, climbing, hiking and swimming in all the amazing places on Earth. My favourite book for inspiration to put myself out there and experience life to the fullest is Gwen Moffat’s The Space Below My Feet.
  2. Watch adventure films and documentaries. I constantly look for inspiration from films. Adventure and outdoor film festivals often offer amazing collections of inspiring films. YouTube is nowadays full of outdoor content, start by checking out bigger channels like BMC (British Mountaineering Council), RedBull TV or Salomon TV.
  3. Join social media groups for ideas and inspiration for everyday adventures. Social media is full of groups for like minded outdoor enthusiasts. I am in groups for climbing, camping, wild swimming, women in the outdoors… the list is long. These groups can be great for inspiration, advice and occasionally people to head out with.

Remember that wellbeing is a priority – even when it comes to adventures

After all this, I would like to remind you that going out on everyday adventures and being active is a sustainable habit only if you enjoy doing it. Keep listening to your body and mind. I find the motivation to do things because the effort is always worth it. This does not mean I always go out. I also fit in days of down time. Time for sleep, relaxation, cooking and good books. After a day or two indoors I am usually feeling the need to get outside and do things again. Listen to yourself and learn to feel those needs and cues your body and mind are giving you. You need to distinguish between situations when your mind is coming up with excuses. These are times when you are lacking motivation, energy or drive, but enjoy the experience of going out once you get there. And then there are times when you just need to stop for a while and genuinely rest or reflect. It is equally important to learn to accept that and not feel guilty about it. Adventuring is not about performance, it is about enjoyment, joy and fulfillment.

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