Map and compass are the key to learning navigation
Navigation Lessons

The Compass Corner – A New Series Of Free Navigation Lessons

I am very excited to introduce you to my new series on navigation! I am an absolute map geek and love navigation in all its forms. The aim of this series is to teach a comprehensive range of navigation techniques. I firmly believe that anyone can learn navigation and the first 5 lessons are aimed at beginners! They cover how to learn navigation basics and start planning your own walks and hikes. The next 5 lessons build on these techniques and introduce navigating in more challenging terrain away from footpaths. The final 5 lessons cover advanced navigating techniques and navigating in poor visibility and dangerous terrain, as well as navigating in emergency situations. This series will be published once a week over the next few months, with a few possible bonus posts thrown in there for good measure. If you would like me to cover a particular issue, which is not already on the list below, drop me a message and I would be happy to write an extra lesson about it!

Have a look here for what this navigation series will cover! Although there might be some minor alterations to this as we get things going, these are the topics I am expecting to cover:

Part 1: Navigation for Beginners

Part 2: Learn Intermediate Navigation

  • Lesson 6: How to Use Compass Bearings
  • Lesson 7: Time and distance
  • Lesson 8: Contour interpretation – using terrain features for navigation
  • Lesson 9: Advanced contour interpretation – contouring and contours on different map scales
  • Lesson 10: Hand-railing, aiming off and catchment features

Part 3: Advanced Navigation Techniques

  • Lesson 11: Introducing pacing
  • Lesson 12: Navigating in poor visibility using bearings and pacing
  • Lesson 13: How to identify hazards on the map
  • Lesson 14: Relocation – what to do once things have gone wrong
  • Lesson 15: Search patterns and emergency navigation

I was going to wait until next week before publishing this, but I just couldn’t wait to share it with you! However, you can expect the first lesson to be out next week. Please let me know your thoughts about the series in the comments below or through my social media in Instagram and Pinterest. I am doing this completely free of charge, but if you would like to support me, please subscribe to the Hill Days newsletter to show your support and never miss new posts!

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