• A mountain view with a ridgeline and cloudy sky
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    Easy Munros to Climb in Scotland

    What are Scotland’s easiest munros to climb? Scotland has 282 munros, or hills above 914m/3000ft. Attempting to climb all of them is a surprisingly addictive sport known as munro bagging. This list collects together 9 easy munros for you to get started with!

  • A path leads from the front of the picture into the horizon. The ground is grassy and has some rocks. There are rounded mountains with a dusting of snow in the distance and the sky is place blue with a light cloud cover.
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    Compass Corner: Lesson 6 – How to Use Compass Bearings

    Welcome to the first lesson in the second part of the Compass Corner navigation series! The next five lessons will focus on intermediate navigation skills. During these lessons, we will cover subjects like; using time and distance as navigation aids, contour interpretation and contouring, as well as using the landscape to aid us with navigation. This includes how to handrail, aim off and choose catchment features. However, today’s lesson will answer the questions: how to use a compass bearing and what is magnetic variation? I covered the basics of compass use, and how to take a bearing, in the last lesson. Now, we will take a more in-depth look at…

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    Navigation Lessons

    Compass Corner: Lesson 5 – How to Use a Compass

    In this lesson, I will cover the basics of compass use for navigation. Knowing how to use a compass accurately is crucial for more advanced navigation techniques. It also becomes very important when navigating complex terrain or in poor visibility. Read on for a complete introduction on what is a compass, and how to use it. Followed by an easy step-by-step guide on how to take a bearing. If you have a specific question or aspect of navigating, that you’d like to learn more about, feel free to drop me a message or a comment – and I’d be happy to answer it in a future lesson!

  • Walking up from Corrour Station
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    Explore Picturesque Corrour and Climb One of the Easiest Munros

    Would you like to experience the remoteness of the Scottish Highlands in a day and be able to stand on the top of one of Scotland’s famous munros (a Scottish hill over 3000ft/914m high)? The good news is that if you know where to go, these are very attainable goals. Even if you are not an experienced hillwalker or rambler. Corrour is one of the last strongholds of Scottish wilderness. Not accessible by public roads, the way to reach it is to take a train to the picturesque Corrour station. Just a few stops along from Fort William, heading in to explore Corrour is an excellent way to leave behind…

  • Mountain navigation in Torridon
    Navigation Lessons

    Compass Corner: Lesson 1 – How to Read a Map

    Are you interested in brushing up your navigation skills or learning how to read a map for the first time? This lesson will cover common maps used for outdoor activities in the UK, have a quick look at the common types of map symbols, and explain different map scales. The aim of this lesson is to help you to choose what type of map to use for your adventure and how to start using it for simple navigation and route planning. Learning to navigate in different circumstances will increase your confidence and allow you to move in the outdoors safely and independently! Learning how to read a map does not…

  • Example of good layers for winter walking.
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    Clothes for Cold: How to Layer for Autumn & Winter Walking

    With the temperatures quickly plummeting as the autumn approaches now is the time to think about your layers. Say goodbye to warm evening walks and no extra layers in your backpack. Instead it is time to prepare for anything the weather might throw at you. At this time of year, you can easily experience hailstorms and beautiful sunshine within the space of an hour. The effect of the wind on you will increase as the temperatures drop and it becomes ever more important to get your layers right. Getting caught out on the hills with the wrong clothing will not only make you have miserable time – it can also…

  • Walking up a hill with Loch Quoich on the background.
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    Scotland’s Hidden Gems: A Hill Walk by Loch Quoich

    I love Scotland with its feel of wilderness and rugged beauty – and the North West really excels with both. It is my all-time favourite location for walking, camping and climbing. I used to live in Scotland and have spent a lot of time exploring its remote mountains and glens. Tourism is booming in many parts of the country now and especially summers can get very busy. It is not unusual to see lines of campervans heading up north for summer weekends. But with a little effort it is still possible to get into some truly wild spaces in Scotland. And I really can’t recommend the West Coast enough for…