Work with Me – Freelance Writing and Content Creation

I am an experienced writer and editor. For a long time my focus was on academic research and publishing. However, recently I decided that it is time to spend more time in the outdoors, explore nature, go on adventures and do the things I love! So now I am a freelancer and an adventurer – and I am available for work including freelance writing, editing and content creation for social media, websites and blogs.

I am always excited to work on new projects and with new partners and businesses. I spend a lot of my time either adventuring in the wild spaces of the UK – or planning my future adventures. Have a quick look at what I usually get up to in My Hill Days or read more About Me. I love trying new things and seeing new places. But most of all, I am very passionate about access to the outdoors and believe it is for everyone. Therefore, I am especially happy to work on projects which encourage more people to access outdoor spaces or get into outdoor activities.

Everyday adventures in the Scottish Highlands

Freelance Writing

I am happy to write blog posts, do gear reviews, write advice articles or route and location suggestions. I will always provide thoroughly researched and well written content (in fact I have a postgraduate Master of Research degree from a great uni – which says something about my dedication to research!) However, please note that I will only write about things and places that I feel like I can personally recommend. As a writer and a blogger, I always advocate responsible and sustainable ways to enjoy the outdoors. I love creating inspirational content and editorial features. I take most of the photos for my blogs and the website and do my own web and logo designs. If you are a brand or a business and would like to work with me, contact me at and we can discuss collaboration options.

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